We are here to help you increase your business using the powerful new tools that modern internet media provides you with.


Not everyone is an internet expert and not every business has a budget to hire Marketing people.


Outsource your online advertising and email marketing needs to Leverage marketing.


Your existing and future clients will receive regular (you choose how often) and business generating news from you

We will setup (if necessary) your email list for clients and friends.

We will manage this list, using it to send emails to your targetted clients.

These emails will link your clients to your website and/or your blog and/or facebook page.

We will help you manage your website, blog and facebook page with you, to ensure that they are coherent and up to date.  


You have created a valuable asset in your business.... we will help you Leverage your investment


You have seen the various means that we can use to help you contact your clients...try them out and let us help you build your business

Use these modern tools and delight your clients


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