You have a great concept, excellent cuisine and wonderful, well trained staff who deliver great service - this all combines to ensure consistent enjoyment and personable pleasure to your clients and friends when they visit your restaurant.


Yet ...there are still lunchtimes when a few tables are empty or there are midweek evenings when it seems that everyone stayed home...


Outsource your advertising and marketing to Leverage.


We will setup (if necessary) and manage your email lists of clients and friends.


They will receive a regular update of your activities and promotions...imagine..

- we could send your friends and clients an email every Monday, highlighting your chef's weekly lunch and dinner special dishes. 

- we could send reminders to book for upcoming celebrations or holidays

- that new wine deal would be known by everyone, with just one email

- we could manage your client Birthday list, ensuring a special message on the day


You have created a valuable asset... we will help you Leverage your investment


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