Wine Shops


You run a Wine may have several shops....the cost of your inventory is have to ensure your stock is moving through the store(s)... and cash flow is a key factor in your business success.


Weekly and Monthly promotions are successful...but it seems that not every client knows about them.

Special deals ar eavailable for parties and celebrations...but not every client seems to know that we can help them with their special occasion.


Outsource your advertising and marketing to Leverage.

We will setup (if necessary) and manage your email lists of clients and friends.


Your clients will receive a regular update of your activities and promotions...imagine..

- we could send your friends and clients an email every week or month

- we could send your offers for upcoming promotions, celebrations or holidays

- that new wine deal would be known by everyone, with just one email

- we could manage your client Birthday list, ensuring a special message on the day


You have created a valuable asset.... we will help you Leverage your investment


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